We only use Burstner semi-integrated motorhomes. Burstner Motorhomes are sleek, stylish and extremely comfortable, offering a level of luxury and build-quality you wouldn’t find in many other brands or indeed other hire companies. For full details of our vehicles and their specifications please click here.

Hires are for a minimum of 5 nights in shoulder and peak seasons. We may consider more flexible arrangements in the off-season on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss.

Hires are for a maximum of 4 weeks. This is to ensure that the vehicles’ maintenance levels are kept to exceptional standards. If you require a longer-term please contact us to discuss.

You must be aged between 30 and 75 and hold a valid UK licence. Citizens of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA must be referred to our insurers for acceptance.  If you have more than 6 points on your licence and/or have 2 or more insurance claims in the past 3 years you must contact us to discuss.

The vehicle can only be used on the Mainland and Islands of Great Britain. Due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to allow our vehicles in other countries.

There is no mileage limit.

Most of our vehicles are below 3.5t gross vehicle weight and can be driven on a standard UK driver’s licence. One of our vehicles is 3.85t and can only be driven by drivers who passed their test before January 1997 or have eligibility to drive a heavy goods vehicle C1.

The MRO (mass in running order) is the weight of the motorhome as it leaves the factory with 90% full fuel tank and an average driver weight of 75kg, but before any other contents are added. Please consider the weight of your additional passengers, luggage and provisions. Certain e-bikes can be very heavy and their weight may be prohibitive, therefore we only have racks for a maximum of 2 bikes.

Appliances such as TV/DVD, fridge-freezer, stove, internal lighting and heating are powered via the vehicles’ onboard 12v electrical and/or LPG systems. The vehicles also have 230v sockets which can only be used when connected to mains power (electric hook-up).

All our vehicles are fitted with solar panels which help maintain a level of voltage in the leisure battery to support off-grid use of between 2 and 4 days. You should regularly check the voltage display to ensure it does not drop below 12 volts. Whilst driving, the vehicle engine alternator will also help charge up the leisure battery.

All our vehicles are equipped with an under-chassis 120L water tank. We advise that you don’t fill the tank until you arrive on-site, as you will be carrying unnecessary weight. We provide a hose and connector to fill the tanks The onboard water tank supplies the kitchen, bathroom and shower with hot and cold water as well as cold water to the flushing toilet.

Waste water is collected into the grey water tank. When full you can empty this tank into site drainage amenities by simply opening a valve at the underside of the vehicle.

Toilet waste is stored in a sanitised removable cassette. The cassette contains a small amount of chemical which helps breakdown waste and maintain a fresh smell. The cassette is easily removed from the vehicle and emptied in to designated chemical disposal point (normally a task for the fellas).

Dependent upon social distancing rules at the time of collection we will provide 1-1 handover and familiarisation sessions. We also offer video operational guides specific to the motorhome you will be hiring. Don’t worry we’ll make sure your comfortable before heading off.

We provide 24/7 emergency numbers to cover breakdown and accidents.

If you’re unsure on how to operate one of the many features and systems on our motorhomes you can call us direct on the number we will provide you.

Yes, we will ensure the vehicle is full of fuel when you pick it up. We kindly ask that you return the vehicle full ensuring you do not incur a fuel refill charge.

Our vehicles have self-contained gas systems which are full at the point of collection and should last the length of your holiday. You do not need to return the tanks full.

Yes we can provide a complimentary pick-up and drop off service to/from Newcastle Airport or Morpeth Railway Station. The service is subject to availability.

Yes, we can provide secure parking for the duration of your hire.

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