When it comes to creating a travel bucket list, there are many places and natural wonders that will make the cut; and one that we hear time and time again is the incredible Northern Lights. This luminous spectrum of colour blankets the skies when the sun’s solar wind collides with the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field, whilst this magical vision may only last seconds or up to a few minutes, getting to see it with your own eyes is truly a mind-blowing experience.

Now when you think of travelling to see these colours take over the night sky, many book extremely expensive holidays that would be incredibly disappointing if they didn’t catch the lights during their stay.  However, you can catch these wonders of light within the UK from beautiful locations within North Scotland.


Northern Scotland, including the North Highlands, Orkney and Shetland islands, and the Outer Hebrides, lie at the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska which means that they are in the best places to spot the Aurora Borealis; depending on the strength of the spectacle, the lights can be seen from further down in places like Edinburgh.

To get the ultimate experience, a road trip around northern Scotland during the winter months will give you an optimum chance of catching the event and will also allow you to enjoy it from the comfort of your motorhome. Being able to sit outside with a hot chocolate, wrapped up in a blanket and marvel at this natural magic will be a trip you will never forget.

The best way to spot the Northern Lights is for a clear sky with as little cloud as possible, this is sometimes best in the early hours of the morning. The darker nights in the autumn and winter months provide a better chance for the lights to show through so travelling at this time of year is advised.

For those wanting more on hand advice on where to go, you can book tours to spot the Aurora Borealis and a guide will be able to offer their own knowledge on the most likely places to spot the lights, so you don’t have to do all of the work yourself.

When deciding to go on a trip to tick off this wonder from your list, we recommend staying somewhere local such as Edinburgh and then spend a night or two of your trip in search of the spectacle, this way you can pick the nights with the clearest skies and spend the rest of your trip seeing other amazing places within Scotland and won’t feel as disappointed if you don’t get to see the Aurora as you will have made many other wonderful memories during your time away.

If you are interested in planning a motorhome holiday with us and know of particular areas or sights you would like to see, simply get in touch with us and we can recommend where to stay and how to make the most out of your luxury road trip, so you enjoy every moment from journey to destination.

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